LHC dipole power bank

LHC Dipole Power Bank

This model of an LHC dipole magnet contains only about 1% of the energy stored in a real magnet, but this is still sufficient to recharge your smartphone.

The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) contains 1232 dipole magnets, which bend the paths of the protons moving at 99.999991% of the speed of light along the 27 km LHC ring.
Each magnet weighs 35 tonnes and is 15 metres long, with a current of 11,000 amperes flowing through its coils, which are cooled to -271°C. 

LHC Dipole SideviewThe technical drawing shows the various parts of the dipole. The two blue circles surrounded by orange show the two vacuum pipes in which the protons circulate in opposite directions. The orange part represents the superconducting cables that allow a magnetic field of about 9 tesla to be generated.

Click here to find more information on superconducting magnets.

LHC dipole powerbank box

15 CHF
Technical Specifications

LHC Dipole Power Bank icons

This power bank is compatible with all mobile phones. A mini USB cable is (present in the box) is necessary to recharge this powerbank.
You can easly use your mobile recharging cable with this device just plugging in the cable in the USB port.