LHC Dipole Power Bank


The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) contains 1232 dipole magnets, to bend the paths of the protons moving at 99.999991% of the speed of light along the 27 km long LHC ring.
Each magnet weighs 35 tonnes, is 15 metres long, and a current of 11,000 amperes flows through its coils cooled to -271°C. 
This model of an LHC dipole magnet contains only about 1% of the energy stored in a real magnet, but this is still sufficient to recharge your smartphone.

Technical drawing on the right shows the various parts of the Dipole. The 2 blue circles surrounded by orange show the 2 vacuum pipes in which the protons circulate in opposite directions. The orange part represent the superconducting cables that allows to generate a magnetic field of about 9 Tesla.

Click here to find more information on superconducting magnets.


Suitable for all phones. Mini USB cable provided.
Other connectors require optional cable.

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