Globe of Science and Innovation

Initially built for the Swiss national exhibition Expo.02 and originally named Palais de l'Equilibre, the Globe was donated to CERN for its 50th anniversary in 2004 by the Swiss Confederation. Since then CERN has used the Globe as an outreach and communication tool.

Designed by Geneva architects, Hervé Dessimoz and Thomas Büchi, as a model of sustainable building, 27 metres (89 ft) high and 40 metres (130 ft) in diameter, the Globe is made up of five different types of timber: Scotch pine, Douglas pine, spruce, larch, and Canadian maple. Its construction model enables the globe to act as a natural carbon sink.

The Globe ground floor hosts the "Universe of particles" exhibition which confronts visitors with the great questions of contemporary physics, currently being explored by CERN via the LHC and other accelerators.

The Globe first floor welcomes multiple public events such as conferences, panels, film screenings and artistic performances.

Next to the Globe, "Wandering the immeasurable", a scultpure, by Canadian artist Gayle Hermick, symbolises how knowledge is passed among people. The outer layer shows scientific discoveries that reflect upon how information is spread and shared among the world while the inner layer is covered with different equations and symbols that highlight the maths behind the science.

Donors of the CERN & Society Foundation can organise their private event at the Globe of Science and Innovation. Receive your guests in a unique and fascinating setting. Support a humanist idea that promotes science and education.