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CERN70 public events

Offering something for everyone, CERN’s public events create engaging experiences at the intersection of science, art and culture. We delve into topics related to CERN’s research and technology and to science and learning, and we explore how they impact society at large.  

For 2024, inspired by CERN’s 70th anniversary, we have put together a programme with a range of formats, from debates and talks with scientists and leading thinkers, to film screenings, dance, music and art performances. We invite you to join us in this year of celebration as we honour CERN’s impressive past and and share the excitement of preparing for a bright future.

Discover what we have in store for you!  

CERN’s public events have the support of the CERN & Society Foundation

1 Oct/24
15:00 - 16:30
4 Oct/24
18:00 - 21:00