Group bookings

Group Bookings

Key information

Check all safety rules Groups (12 visitors and more) have to book their visit to guarantee their access.
Bookings are usually opened 9 months in advance and all capacity is taken in a few days.
What can be visited? From October 2023, CERN Science Gateway will offer the following activities to groups:
  1. Interactive exhibitions
  2. Lab workshops (for groups of school students)
  3. Guided Tours on CERN site
In addition, 1 month before the visit, additional activities may be offered such as science shows, film screenings etc.
Free entrance Our activities are free of charge.
Be cautious with offers from commercial companies claiming they had to pay for a CERN visit.
Less than 11 visitors For groups of 12 to 48 visitors. For larger groups, please contact us.
Calendar From Tuesday to Saturday, Sunday is reserved for individual visitors.
Check exceptional closures
Activity Duration Here are the typical activity durations:
  1. Interactive exhibitions: 1.5 to 2 hours for the 3 exhibitions
  2. Lab workshops: 45 minutes (age 5-15), 90 minutes (age 16-19)
  3. Guided tours: 2 to 3 hours
Ages Here are the recommended ages for each activity: 
  1. Interactive exhibitions: 8 years old and over
  2. Lab workshops: 5 years old and over
  3. Guided tours: 12 years old and over
Minors have to be accompanied by adults at all times
Language Exhibitions are available in 5 languages (English, French, German, Italian, Spanish)
Lab workshops and guided tours can be provided in up to 30 languages (depending on guide availability).
Valid ID required

If you requested a guided tour and if accepted, as they take place inside CERN fenced site, you will be requested to provide the details of all the members of your party no later than 1 month before the tour (last name, first name, date of birth, place of birth, country of birth and nationality) - More information on what we do with visitors’ personal data.

Tour Operators Forbidden CERN does not accept requests by commercial companies selling activities including visits of CERN (Tour operators, event operators). School/university requests must be submitted via an official school or university e-mail address.

Procedure for requesting a group visit

  1. Click on button below to access booking form
  2. Define your group profile (category, number of visitors, language, country, transport etc.).
  3. Select the activities you are interested in (the more you pick, the less dates are available)
  4. Pick one available date. If no date is available try again another day.
  5. Provide contact information about your group and submit your request. 
  6. Your request will be approved or rejected by the Visits Service within five working days. Wait for your request to be approved before making firm travel and accommodation arrangements.