Group bookings (min 12 pers)

Group bookings

Admission to CERN Science Gateway is free for everyone.

Groups (of at least 12 visitors) can visit CERN Science Gateway from Tuesday to Saturday, while Sundays are reserved for families, individual visitors and small groups (of fewer than 12 visitors). 

When planning a group visit, please ensure that you have made a booking to guarantee your access to the exhibitions, guided tours and/or lab workshops. Bookings open nine months in advance and slots fill up very quickly. 

Only exhibitions, guided tours and lab workshops can be booked in advance, but extra activities and events, such as science shows and film screenings, may be proposed daily. We invite you to check our day program

Please note that visitors under 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult.

Which activity is best for your group?

The table below will help you prepare the best programme for your group, taking into account the recommended age and duration of the activities available.

  Age Duration
Interactive exhibitions 8+ 30-60 minutes per exhibition (there are 3 exhibitions in total)
Guided tours 12+ 180 minutes
Lab workshops 5+ 45 minutes (for ages 5-15), 90 minutes (for ages 16-19)

Booking procedure for groups of up to 48 people

If you are organising a school or university group visit, please contact us using an official school or university e-mail address. 

  1. Click on the link below to open the booking form.
  2. Specify your group profile (type, number of visitors, language, country, etc.). Please note that English is the only guaranteed language, and if guides in the selected language aren't available, we might need to switch to it at the last minute, regardless of initial choices.
  3. Select the activities you are interested in (please check the conditions in the table above and note that you are less likely to find availability for all activities if you select a large number of them)
  4. Pick an available date. If no date is available, try again a few days later.
  5. Provide contact information for your group and submit your request. 
  6. You will receive a response to your request within five working days.
    Please ensure that your request has been confirmed before making your travel arrangements.


For groups of more than 48 people, please submit your request here.