CERN’s efforts to make visits accessible to all are ongoing. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or special requirements.

guide dogs Guide dogs for the visually impaired are welcome.

Reception area

hearing loops Hearing loops are available at all reception desks and in the conference room used for guided tours.


wheelchair All exhibitions are wheelchair-accessible.
A wheelchair is available at the Reception if required.
mobile seating Folding seats are available (self-service at the entrance to Microcosm, or ask the guard in the Universe of Particles).
Visually impaired The Microcosm exhibition offers a short, universally accessible circuit with tactile and audio content.
hearing disability All videos in Microcosm are subtitled in French.

Guided tours

Accessiblity Some visit points on guided tours are not accessible to all visitors (people with reduced mobility, wearers of medical implants or pacemakers, people above or below a certain age, pregnant women, etc.). After your visit request has been accepted, please make sure when providing visitor details that you tell us about any accessibility requirements of the members of your party.
We will endeavour to accommodate your needs and suggest the most appropriate tour for you.
A wheelchair is available at Reception if required.


hearing loops A hearing loop is available on the front rows of the seating in the Globe of Science and Innovation.
Don’t hesitate to ask our technicians for help.
wheelchair The Globe and most CERN public events are accessible to persons with reduced mobility.