Safety rules


Safety is our highest priority at CERN, and the foundation on which our success is built.
Fabiola Gianotti, Director-General of CERN.
Fabiola Gianotti, CERN Director General

For all visitors

No luggage CERN does not allow luggage in guided tours or exhibitions.
No luggage storage facility is available.
No Smoking Smoking is not allowed anywhere at CERN.
No pets Pets are not allowed anywhere at CERN.
Photos allowed Photographs are allowed everywhere as far as third party right of personal portrayal is respected.

For guided tour visitors

Failure to respect any of these instructions may lead to your guided tour being cancelled!

Valid ID required All guided tours visitors must carry their identity card or passport, valid for entry into both France and Switzerland and are required to provide their full identity: last name, first name, place and date of birth and nationality. More information on what we do with visitors' personal data.
Arrive 20 minutes prior your guided tour You must arrive at CERN Reception 20 minutes prior to your visit time.
No high heels or open shoes High-heeled shoes, open-toed shoes, flip-flops and sandals are not permitted.
Accessibility Some areas are not accessible to all (reduced mobility, age limits, pregnant women, medical implants, pacemakers etc.).
Once request has been accepted make sure to provide all information about visitors.
We will endeavor to accommodate your needs and propose the most appropriate tour.
One wheelchair is available at Reception if required.
Check also our accessibility page.