"I want to be a particle physicist" kids T-Shirt

T-Shirt kids light red

"I want to be a particle physicist"

Every year, CERN trains several hundreds of students from all over the world, not only in physics, but also in the fields of engineering, computer science, administration and more.

Find out more about internship and employment opportunities at CERN.

T-Shirt kids light red

16 CHF
Technical Specifications

100% organic cotton 

Colour : pink coral (pantone 1788C)

Size guide in cm :

Size A B     
 Kid T-Shirt sizing   
2-3 y/o 40 30
4-5 y/o 45 32
6-7 y/o 48 35
8-9 y/o 55 37
10-11 y/o 57 39
12-13 y/o 64 42

Age is only an approximation of size. The height of your child gives a much better indication of which size to buy.