Photo exhibition “Not a Woman’s Job? Changing Faces of Science and Tech”

UN exhibition`

CERN, together with the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), is participating in the photo exhibition entitled “Not a Woman’s Job? Changing Faces of Science and Tech”, which will be held at the UN at Geneva from 2 to 12 July 2024.

The aim of the exhibition is to celebrate women who dare to lead, innovate, and forge new paths in science and technology, challenging outdated perceptions and inspiring a new generation. The portraits include female theoretical and experimental physicists, mechanical and technical engineers, data analysts, coordinators and directors, all pursuing unique career paths at CERN.

The photos featured in the exhibition were selected by WIT, a thriving community of women working in technology at CERN that organises networking events, talks, and mentoring to encourage young girls to gain confidence in science. The collection is the result of a very successful photo project shooting female scientists back in 2020. “We needed to give more visibility to women at CERN,” says WIT member Evangelia Gousiou. “It is extremely important to spotlight women in action, doing inspiring things, so that young girls relate to them and get motivated to pursue STEM careers.”

The opening ceremony will take place in the Palais des Nations on 2 July 2024 at 10.00 a.m. CERN will be represented by Dr Malika Meddahi, Deputy Director for Accelerators and Technology at CERN, who will give a short introductory speech. Dr Meddahi will highlight the importance of women being involved in science and technology at all levels and emphasise that the earlier stages of women’s lives, such as primary school, are essential for their future. She will share that she herself has been fascinated by physics since her high-school years, thanks to an inspiring female teacher. “Once you are attracted by science, it’s glued to your DNA and you carry it through your life,” says Dr Meddahi.

Entry to the exhibition is free of charge. Please make sure you register here to gain access to the Palais des Nations.