Microcosm exhibition has closed permanently on 18 September 2022.
You are welcome to visit our exhibition in the Globe.
We look forward to welcoming you to the new CERN Science Gateway from Summer 2023 onwards.


Journey behind the scenes at CERN, within a single exhibition space. Discover the full scale and wonder of CERN’s monumental experiments. Find out what is happening at the Large Hadron Collider and listen to the people who built and now operate this extraordinary machine and its experiments.

Follow the path of particles from a bottle of hydrogen, through the network of accelerators, up to the point of collision inside the experiments. Microcosm tells the story of CERN through the tales of the people who work there.

microcosm ATLAS calorimeter

Full-size detectors

In Microcosm, discover CERN’s giant particle detectors in full scale. Use a microscope to look at the tiny features that allow scientists to detect and study the fundamental particles that make up the world around us.

microcosm LHC Connection

Inside the Large Hadron Collider

Take a selfie in the tunnel! Microcosm’s scale mock-up of a section of CERN’s biggest accelerator includes real pieces of equipment. Learn about the technical challenges and find out how ingenious engineering can create solutions that evolve into innovative technologies for the benefit of everyone. 

microcosm for the visually impaired

All ages, all visitors

Four areas of Microcosm feature exhibits specially designed for visually impaired visitors. Accompanying audio material can be downloaded via QR codes. All spaces are wheelchair accessible and mobile seating is available upon request.
The exhibition welcomes visitors of all ages, although it is best enjoyed by ages 14+.

Video preview

Have a look at our Mannequin challenge video showing you parts of Microcosm. We look forward to welcoming you in person.