Magnet challenge (8-12 years)

Magnet challenge

Find out how magnets work, how they interact with other materials, and how we use magnets in experiments at CERN.

CERN uses thousands of magnets for particle physics experiments. For example, strong electromagnets are used to bend the paths of protons in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). We can also find strong permanent magnets in particle physics research, for example, inside the AMS particle detector, which is attached to the International Space Station. 

In this workshop, participants are on a quest to solve a series of magnet challenges. They explore the properties of different permanent magnets, build their own small electromagnet and learn why magnets are important at CERN.

8-12 years
45 minutes
Up to 30 languages for groups, depending on guide availability.
12 to 24
Pushchair and wheelchair accessible.