The CERN shop offers a selection of books on particle physics, CERN and science, in various languages and for all audiences. The selection is made in collaboration with the CERN Library.

Here are some of the books sold in the CERN shop. Please remember that the selection may vary according to availability and the arrival of new publications. Click on the image for more information.

Book A Zeptospace Odissey Giudice English Book Alexandria Jardon French Book El Boson de Higgs Santaolalla Spanish
Book All of Physics Almost in 15 Equations Mansoulie English.jpg Book Antimatter Close English Book Dans Le Grand Collisionneur du CERN Campanelli French
Book Enjoy Our Universe De Rujula English Book From Big Bang To Hadron Therapy Amaldi English Book Hunting the Higgs Marcelloni et al English
If you had to dray a universe for me Spiro et al English Il CERN e il Bosone di Higgs Gillies Italian Book MYsteries of the Quantum Universe Damour et al English
Book Particle Physics Close English Book Particle Physics Turkish Gagnon Book Une Journée au CERN Debampour French