Virtual talks

Virtual Conferences

Discover CERN, how it’s organised, its tools, its research and the people behind it in an interactive presentation from the comfort of your home.


What is CERN? What is its mission? How does it work and with which tools? A CERN guide presents the Laboratory, as well as his or her own background, profession and daily experience within the Organization.
The talk consists of a 40-minute presentation, followed by a 20-minute question-and-answer session.



  • Duration: 1 hour
  • Recommended audience: Anyone interested in science; no physics or scientific knowledge required; recommended for ages 14+
  • Languages: English, French, Italian, German, Spanish (more languages available for schools - on request)
  • Location: from home or anywhere with a good internet connection
Registration procedure for the general public


  • See list of upcoming talks below
  • Pick a talk in your preferred language that is not fully booked
  • To register, click on the "Join" button at the bottom of the page
  • Follow the instructions
Registration procedure for schools / universities / groups

We advise limiting the group size to 30 participants in order to guarantee a certain level of interactivity.
Please contact us to arrange a date and time.
We will do our best to adapt the talk to your participants' profiles, your expectations and your language preferences.

Here is a list of the upcoming public virtual talks

18 Feb/21
18:00 - 19:00
6 Feb/21
11:00 - 12:00