Financial conditions to use the Globe

Only donors (companies or public or private institutions) to the CERN & Society Foundation, who must respect the ethical rules, are able to use the first floor of the Globe to hold conferences, debates, colloquia, gala dinners or other events.

Become a donor

If you would like to support the Foundation's activities with a donation, please contact the Foundation for details and to obtain the necessary documents.
For information purposes, a minimum donation of 10,000 CHF gives the possibility to request use of the Globe for a duration of one year.
The donation must be paid by the end user of the venue (i.e. not a contracted event organizing company).

Rental cost of the Globe

A usage fee is charged to cover the daily costs associated with the running of the building.
For reference, the usage fee is 10,000 CHF per day, irrespective of the duration of the event.

E.g.: for a first event, the first day will cost 10,000 CHF (donation) + 10,000 CHF (daily costs) = 20,000 CHF.

Ethical Rules

Use of the Globe is governed by strict rules. Companies involved in activities related to the military, politics or religion, and those that encourage the consumption of tobacco or alcohol, are not permitted to use the Globe.  Events that involve sales or for which an entrance fee is charged are also prohibited.

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