Globe conditions of use

Globe access 

Access and parking

The Globe of Science and Innovation is easily accessible via public transport. There is a tram stop (line 18, CERN stop) just outside.

A free car park with 60 spaces for cars and 8 spaces for coaches is also available next to the Globe. 

NB: Traffic can be particularly heavy coming to CERN from the Geneva direction and at the French border, on weekdays between 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. This must be taken into account in planning activities.

Globe Access

How to get to CERN

Access to first floor

The first floor can be accessed by:

  • An internal ramp (length: 120 m, slope: 8%)
  • An external ramp (length: 140 m, slope: 8%)
  • A lift (door 80 x 210 cm, interior width110 cm (including 95 cm handrails), interior depth 140 cm– height 220 cm, maximum weight 630 kg)

No vehicles are permitted inside the Globe.

Legal compliance and safety


The Globe is subject to the requirements of the Swiss standards applicable to an establishment receiving members of the general public, as well as to the fire regulations set out in Safety Code E (available on the CERN website). In terms of safety risks, the building is classed as a Class 2, Category L Etablissement Recevant du Public (establishment receiving members of the general public, ERP) according to French standards (Decree of 25 June 1980). In particular, article AM 18 of this Decree governs the fire rating of the furniture. As well as strict adherence to these general rules, CERN enforces Safety Instruction IS 41 (available on request) for the use of materials. Those that produce the lowest emissions of chlorine, fluorine and other acidic and corrosive gases in the event of fire should be used where possible.



  • Users must be covered by civil liability insurance covering any kind of damage they may cause while using the premises and facilities of the Globe of Science and Innovation.
  • They must provide an insurance certificate upon request. This insurance certificate must clearly state the limit of coverage.
Use of the CERN name, logo and image


The User acknowledges and agrees that any reporting of the Event, including all photographic and videographic records, will be made solely for the internal use of the User. No commercial use, including but not limited to advertising, of such records or reporting may be made. 


The Parties acknowledge and agree that use of the Globe does not imply and the User must not represent any endorsement by CERN or the Foundation of:

- the Event;
- the User;
- any related entity of the User;
- the Event invitees or participants;
- or the activities, services and/or products of the User or any related entity of the User. 

Globe restrictions

Specificities of the Globe


  • No tap water on the first floor of the Globe of Science and Innovation.
  • Toilets located only at the ground floor.
  • Open flames strictly forbidden in and in the vicinity of the Globe of Science and Innovation.
  • No vehicles are permitted inside the Globe.
  • All equipment brought into the Globe for work purposes must be approved in advance by the site's safety services.
Floor protection


  • The floors are made of varnished wood and are of medium hardness.
  • Do not use adhesive tape on the floors.
  • Unload the equipment very carefully, avoiding any impact on the floor.
Wall protection


  • Authorised decorations and equipment must be located and fixed in place in such a way as to avoid the risk of them falling, even if force is applied. 
  • Do not hang, nail, screw, stick, tie or staple anything to the structures or walls of the Globe without prior special permission.
  • Tables and chairs must be positioned at least a metre from the walls

Service providers 

External suppliers


  • Organisers of an event in the Globe are free to collaborate with the partners of their choice for all the services and equipment they need to organise their event: decoration, caterers, lighting, audiovisual services, interpreting, etc.
  • A technical inspection must be organised prior to the event for each external supplier that will work in the Globe.
  • It is the responsibility of the event organiser to make sure that any suppliers working in the Globe area comply with Swiss legislation.
  • Should you wish, we can provide you with a list of service companies who have already worked in the Globe and are familiar with the premises and the resources available. Please send an e-mail to to obtain this list. Alternatively, the Geneva Convention Bureau will be able to help and advise you in choosing your service providers.
Additional CERN security guards and cleaning services


  • If your event requires extra security guards or cleaning services, they will be provided by CERN at the expense of the user.
Delivery vehicles


  • Deliveries are to be made only from the car park located behind the Globe of Science and Innovation.
  • Deliveries and installation work must not interfere with activities in the Globe that are open to the public.
  • No vehicle leaking oil or any other staining or polluting liquid may be brought onto the esplanade surrounding the Globe.