Globe services and technical equipment

The following services and equipment are included for no extra cost when using the first floor of the Globe of Science and Innovation.
In addition, you may also request to give your event an extra CERN touch (upon reservation and upon availability).
Some services may require extra staff / resources (e.g. interpretation, cloakroom, furniture etc). Check details below.


Event support services

Technical and Safety Support

You will have direct access to our technical staff (1 to 2 persons) who are available to help you before, during and after the event.
Their extensive experience and know-how will help provide solutions to any unexpected problem. They will check that safety conditions and rules are met.
They must always be consulted for any technical question your suppliers (caterer, lighting etc) may have.

A/V Support

During the event, our A/V support staff (between 1 and 3 persons depending on the needs) will help with video, lighting and sound.
Please make sure to state any special needs at least 1 week before the event to make sure we can fulfill your demand.  

Simultaneous interpretation

Simultaneous interpretation is possible in one language.
Please note that the interpreters must be contracted by the organizers.

  • PolytCab 2100 interpretation booth (ISO 4043:2016) that can be installed in the back or the side ot the audience space
  • Bosch interpretation system for 2 interpreters
  • 250 Bosch wireless headsets with volume and channel selection


WiFi and network

Free WiFi is available throughout your event through 2 possible WiFi networks:

  • CERN-Visitors
    Follow online instructions to get access.
  • Eduroam, the secure, world-wide roaming access service developed for the international research and education community.

There is limited access to wired network, but this requires pre-registration of any connected material. Make sure to provide MAC address, model, brand and all details about equipment at least 1 week before your event.

Internet access implies respect of CERN's computing rules.

Health and safety services


2 guards will be provided at all times to control the access to your event. 

Note that the  Globe zone, and the ground floor "Universe of Particles" exhibition in particular, are open to the public from Monday to Saturday from 8.30. to 17:30.


Pre-event and post-event cleaning are included in the offer for no extra cost.

Caterer is requested to make use of the recycling containers available outside at the back of the Globe.


Audiovisual equipment



  • Panasonic AV-HS410 Video Mixer
  • Panasonic AW-RP50 Remote Camera
  • 4 Panasonic AW-HE120 Full HD robotic cameras.
  • 1 Epson EB-L1755U laser video projector equipped with ELPLM10 optics.
  • Blackmagic 4k / SSD video recorder.
  • Recorder and live streaming 
  • Blu-ray Denon player
  • Blackmagic 32*32 matrix switcher
  • Sound feed boxes distributed in the room.


  • 1 Yamaha LS9-32 sound mixer (40 inputs / 24 outputs)  MY16 Dante AUD2 card
  • StageBox Dante Yamaha Tio 1608-D ( 16 In/8 Out).
  • Dante controller and Dante Via software on a dedicated computer ( Dante Level 3 certified staff ). 
  • 1 Yamaha 01V 96I console equipped with Dante MY16 Aud2.
  • Extron Broadcast System + Subwoofer
  • 8 Shure ULXD4 RX/TX headsets
  • 8 Shure SM58 ULXD4 handle RX/TX sets
  • 8 DPA 4088-DL-A-F00-LH headset microphones.
  • 2 Shure MX418/C cardioid gooseneck microphones on a Shure MX418/C lectern.
  • 2 Catchbox microphones (
  • 2 audio distributors/ press box 1X24 or 2X12.
  • 1 dedicated Ipad with LS9 Stage Mix application.
  • 1 Tascam CD player.
  • 1 Tascam recorder.
  • Bosch translation system with 2 lecterns microphones.
  • 250 Bosch infrared receivers + headphones.
  • Sound feed boxes boxes distributed throughout the room.


  • MA Lighting DOT 32 XL-F light mixer
  • Dot2 on PC software on dedicated computer
  • 4 Chauvet Maverick MK2 Lyres
  • 1 ADJ Hydro Beam X2 IP65 Ext/int use
  • 1 ADJ Wifly NE1 control desk
  • 9 Chauvet Colorado 2-quad zoom IP (RGBW) spots to light the outer wall and ceiling
  • 9 VERSAPAR is a LED zoom headlights BY arched lighting
  • 28 Chauvet Colordash Par-Quad 18 (RGBA) spots to light the inner walls
  • 4 Julia profile spots (with iris and cutters) for stage lighting
  • 2 Julia spotlights + shutters (lighting facing the desk)
  • 6 ramps led Fusion FS80 RGBW 10 degre
  • Complete wiring of the room in DMX 5 points on boxes
  • 36 smartbat+ spotlights
Video conferencing

Video conferencing can be organized with external parties, using the Globe's video system.
CERN uses the Vidyo free video conference system.
A simple web browser and audio/video capturing device (form simple webcam to more sophisticated systems) is needed by the external party.

Miscellaneous equipment


  • Denon BluRay player
  • Video feed boxes in various locations on the 1st floor
  • Gorgy Timing Timer ( clock/ counter/ down counter)
  • Clear-com intercom system
  • 2 screens of 55 inches
  • 2 supports for 55 inches screens in high position
  • 2 supports for 55 inches screens in low inclined position
  • 1 screen of 40 inches stage returns
  • 1 screen of 55 inches installed in the logistics area
  • Equipped desk with PC + VGA/HDMI+ microphone connection
  • Classic wood/ plexiglass desk with microphones
  • Remote control for logitech slides
  • 1 digital decibel display/recorder with remote measurement.
Important recommendations for your presentations and videos:
  • For your presentations and videos, we recommend that you use 16/9 image ratio to avoid blank/dark zones on the sides of the screen.
  • The presentations and videos should ideally be saved on a USB storage device.
  • Presentation files should be provided in Open Office (.odp), Microsoft PowerPoint (.pptx or .ppsx) or PDF (.pdf) format only.
  • Place all audio and movie files linked with the presentation into a single file folder when transferring the presentation from your hard disk to your USB sticks.
  • Video formats: To avoid problems with movies within PowerPoint it is recommended to use MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 movies. Quicktime movies (.mov) or AVI-movies cannot be guaranteed to work.
  • Fonts: Do not use special fonts that are not part of the standard PowerPoint package, as this will not display correctly.
  • Should you wish to use your own laptop, a technical test must be performed at least 2 hours prior the audience accesses the venue.




  • Truss type structure - square beams 30/30 black
  • 6 heavy circular bases
  • 8 square beams 2m
  • 4 3D right-ground angles
  • 4 3D angles
  • 2 feet Manfroto Manfrotto 087NWB Wind Up Bk max height 3,8m
  • 3 T bars
  • 15 stage platforms 2m*1m scissors. Height from 20cm to 1m
  • 1 stage stage walkway 1m*1m.
  • Stage modules 2 by 1 meter, adjustable height from 40 cm to 80 cm
Tables and chairs


  • 30 rectangular tables (120 x 80 cm)
  • 20 high stand tables
  • 250 conference chairs
  • 6 yellow comfy chairs for the stage (panel)
  • 5 white comfy chairs for the stage (panel)

Any other furniture, in particular cocktail or dinner furniture, must be brought by the external supplier (caterer, etc).


Lifting equipment

1 Faraone aerial work platform working height 6,1m (use under condition or by CERN personnel) 



It is the responsibility of the event organizer to provide personnel to manage the cloakroom.

  • 6 coat racks for 250 clothes hangers and tickets
Caterer zone


  • 6 large tables
  • 4 bins for waste
  • Electric board
  • All other equipment must be brought by the caterer (no open flames, no oven)
Backstage zone


  • 1 table with 2 chairs
  • 1 55 inches monitor screen displaying video capture or stage performance
  • Electric plugs
  • 1 A3 color printer/copier