Globe - The project

Culture, education, science and society

  • Participating together in acquiring and sharing knowledge
  • Promoting the dissemination of information among all types of audience
  • Promoting debate between science and society

The Globe is open to everyone and, together with the permanent exhibition to be installed in it, will be a venue for discussions and exchanges on the interaction between science and society. The Globe already hosts temporary exhibitions, conferences, events, meetings and debates, all of which serve to develop links between science, industry and society. There are numerous challenges to be met: promoting channels of communication between science and industry, helping to train today's teachers and tomorrow's scientists, making everyone aware of current scientific challenges, encouraging young people's enthusiasm for science and combining the pleasure of discovery with the sharing of knowledge.

Two different floors for two complementary missions

  • The ground floor of the Globe will house the permanent exhibition on CERN, its missions and its discoveries.
  • The first floor of the Globe is a multi-purpose area for holding conferences, film showings, workshops, temporary exhibitions, press and VIP events and dinners.

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