Give your event a CERN touch

In addition to the various services and equipment proposed when using the first floor of the Globe of Science and Innovation, you may also use any of the following options, for no extra costs, upon reservation and upon availability.

CERN Universe of Particles exhibition

Before 9 a.m. and after 5 p.m., upon arrival, or during the event, you can offer your guests a privatized access to CERN's Universe of Particles exhibition.

Up to 80 persons at a time can experience a real immersion in the realm of particle physics, so that they can better understand the Laboratory that they are visiting.
A 6 minutes immersive movie (5 screens around the audience) can be shown in English and French to make this experience unforgettable.
Various exhibits show the tools developed and used at CERN, including the very first World Wide Web server ! Interactive screens will answer all questions in English, French, German and Italian.
Depending on the duration of the visit, guides can be provided in up to 30 languages.

CERN Guided Tours

We can offer your guest guided tours to about 15 different visit points, in up to 30 languages.
From workshops to accelerators and control rooms, let's discover the largest scientific laboratory behind the scenes!
Most guided tours are on surface only as underground areas are not accessible most of the time.

Special access rules

Please note that guided tours are taking visitors on CERN fenced domain. CERN Site Access rules will require your guest to be fully registered and wear visibly a personal visitor card during all the tour. For that reason, we will have to collect the following data for each visitor, at the latest 48 hours prior the guided tour: last name, first name, date, place and country of birth as well as nationality.
Some visit point have further restrictions for pregnant women, person with reduced mobility, persons with medical implants or pacemakers. We will therefore need to know if any of your guest participating to a guided tour is concerned.


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